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7 Secrets About The FCE Certificate

7 Secrets about the FCE Certificate

Beitragsserien: First Certificate

7 Secrets about the FCE Certificate

The Cambridge First Certificate Exam (FCE) is nothing more than a certificate awarded by the University of Cambridge. It is an examination solely for people who have been English speakers for long or people who are simply good English speakers. The qualification is definitely one to consider for bragging rights and academic purposes as the certificate is globally recognized.

Seeking for employment with a school degree coupled with the FCE certificate can open doors of opportunities such as being allowed to work and live in English speaking countries.

Taking the step due to pressure a simply wrong move, you must take the test when you are convinced you have fully prepared for the exam in advance and you are ready to tackle the questions and come out in flying colors.

The FCE Exam Entails just 5 papers:

1) Reading

2) Writing

3) Use of English

4) Listening

5) Speaking

Papers 1, 2, 3 and 4 are to be attempted on a single day while the 5th part of the exam is to be written on a chosen day apart from the examination date. Each of the 5 papers carries 20% of your overall score.

Before Attempting The FCE Exam

The FCE exam is an important milestone for lovers of the Queen’s language as it challenges everything you think you know about the English language. This entails testing your confidence level in all aspects of the language i.e listening, writing, reading, grammar, sentence formation, vocabulary, speaking etc. Depending on your level of understanding and your indulgence in English language, you need about a month or two full of preparation before you can attempt the exam and ace it at your first try.

How to Ace Your FCE Exam Without Breaking a Sweat.

1) Read the FCE Instructions first.

You must be in the know as to what you are getting into, the FCE is a bit tricky, you must take your time to read the instructions.

2) Don’t feel discouraged.

Trying to answer the questions in the order you were given is a time waster, answer the easiest first and come back to the ones that you find a bit complex.

3) Keep an Eye on the Clock.

Being time conscious and mindful of the given time to undertake the exam will definitely make you smile at the end of the exam.

4) FCE Reading tip.

In as much as you need to understand, you must open your mind to know what a question is asking of you in order not to answer just a few questions at all.

5) FCE Writing tip.

Displaying your writing ability in a short and precise sentence is advised as you only have 40 minutes to attempt paper 1 & 2.

6) FCE Use of English tip.

Attempting the exam with no worries on your mind helps to answer the questions quicker.

7) FCE Listening tip.

Attentive listening to the recording is a key tip of actually getting the answers right as trying to use your prior knowledge of a word to answer questions might earn you an F.

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