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Interview Preparation English

Job interviews are important events in everyone’s professional life. A successful interview can become the key to the dream job.

homestudies offers professional preparation

You should always prepare yourself professionally for interviews. Unfortunately, most candidates underestimate and fail job interviews in English. Homestudies offers you the opportunity to be professionally prepared for interviews in English.

Become successful

During your preparation course, you will be prepared and tested for possible questions and answers in the interview. Your homestudies teacher will teach you a lot of useful tips like some linguistic refinements. Therefore you are guaranteed to be well prepared and nothing stands in the way of your professional success.

Steps to be taken in this course

You send us your CV and cover letter so that our teacher can prepare for your course in the best possible way. In 6 lessons you will be professionally prepared for your interview.

You will learn linguistic refinements in order to make a good impression. This is the perfect preparation for interviews in English.

6 lessons CHF 216.00
Price per lesson CHF 36.00

Further business courses

homestudies offers many different Business English courses. We have the right course for each profession. In everyday business life, English is becoming increasingly important. Good English language skills are nowadays almost a must. Therefore, fluency and communication skills in English are almost indispensable for success.

Prepare for your interview with the most flexible English course in Switzerland.

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