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Cambridge First Certificate FCE – Course

Course description

The homestudies FCE course prepares you perfectly for the Cambridge First exam. With your personal FCE Coach you acquire the skills to pass the exam successfully and with surety.

Course content

In our FCE course you will study with your native English speaking private tutor. Your teacher will prepare you specifically for the five areas of the FCE exam so that you can pass the exam with certainty.

You will receive individual support in all of these 5 areas:

  • Verbal communication
  • Listening comprehension
  • Use of English (Vocabulary and Grammar)
  • Writing
  • Reading comprehension


We do not require you to take an entrance test. Anyone can take the FCE course. After the free trial lesson, your teacher will be able to tell you exactly which course is best for you.

Objectives First Certificate (FCE)

  • Writing complex essays and texts
  • Communicate orally spontaneously and fluently
  • Express opinions and thoughts clearly and present your own ideas
  • Understand radio broadcasts and lectures effortlessly


After completing a homestudies FCE course you will receive homestudies course confirmation. You can only take the Cambridge First exam at Cambridge Examination Centres.


Our prices and packages
1 Lesson CHF 50.00


FCE course FCE course FCE course FCE course FCE course
5 Lessons 10 Lessons 25 Lessons 50 Lessons 100 Lessons
à 45 Min à 45 Min à 45 Min à 45 Min à 45 Min
CHF 250.00 CHF 500.00 CHF 1000.00 CHF 2500.00 5000.00
Discount 10% Discount 20% Discount 26% Discount 30% Discount 36%
CHF 224.00 CHF 399.00 CHF 924.00 CHF 1’749.00 CHF 3’199.00


Our Cambridge First Certificate teachers are all native English speaking and very experienced in teaching Cambridge Diplomas with your personal homestudies FCE teacher quickly and easily to the FCE Diploma.
You will always have the same teacher throughout the course.

You will receive as many homework assignments as you wish from your teacher. On days off, you can send your texts for proofreading. The homework is compiled individually for you so that you can really make progress.

Recommended between 2-6 hours of homework per week.

FCE Examination Success Rate

homestudies has brought all his FCE students safely through the FCE exam.

FCE First Certificate Cambridge Certificate in English B2

Course schedule

Number of students: Private lessons
Course day: Monday – Sunday
Time: 08:00 – 24:00
Mon – Sun: Freely selectable
Duration: 45 minutes
Teaching material:  Free of charge
Course location: Freely selectable

Prices and Packages

  • 5 Lessons: Discount 10%
    only CHF 224.00 
  • 10 Lessons: Discount 20%
    only CHF 399.00
  • 25 LessonsDiscount 26%
    only CHF 924.00
  • 50 Lessons: Discount 30%
    only CHF 1’749.00
  • 100 Lessons: Discount 36%
    only CHF 3’199.00
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