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English for Beginners – A1 English Course

Each beginning is difficult, but homestudies make it easier. With homestudies you will immerse yourself in the world of the English language right from your first lesson. Experience language and culture is our motto.

Course content

This A1 English course includes the following:

  • We attach great importance to the oral communication skills of each student. This is why the first lesson focuses on speaking and understanding English.
  • Modern learning materials (YouTube, Internet, media, books, textbooks etc.) and teaching methods are used that guarantee success.
  • Speaking, listening, reading, learning to write at the A1 level of CEF (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
  • Vocabulary and grammar, learn your first basic English language skills

Free trial lesson

Test your English language skills in a 45-minute private lesson without obligation. If you test our service free of charge, you will also receive a course recommendation from your teacher.

Learning objectives

In our English course for beginners you will study with your native English speaking private tutor. Your teacher will teach you the specific learning objectives of GER English A1:


  • You can communicate in a simple way and ask simple questions eg. Time, locations etc
  • You are able to talk about familiar topics (family, hobbies, work)
  • You can use single greeting phrases


  • You will learn to write simple postcards and e-mails
  • You can fill in hotel forms and other simple forms


  • Understand simple sentences on posters, signs and catalogues
  • Make appointments in writing


  • You understand individual phrases when people speak slowly to you
  • You can understand and answer simple questions about family, hobbies and interests

Our prices and packages
1 Lesson CHF 50.00


English course English course English course English course English course
5 Lessons 10 Lessons 25 Lessons 50 Lessons 100 Lessons
à 45 Min à 45 Min à 45 Min à 45 Min à 45 Min
CHF 250.00 CHF 500.00 CHF 1000.00 CHF 2500.00 5000.00
Discount 10% Discount 20% Discount 26% Discount 30% Discount 36%
CHF 224.00 CHF 399.00 CHF 924.00 CHF 1’749.00 CHF 3’199.00


Course schedule

Number of students: Private lessons
Course day: Monday – Sunday
Time: 08:00 – 24:00
Mon – Sun: Freely selectable
Duration: 45 minutes
Teaching material:  Free of charge
Course location: Freely selectable

Prices and Packages

  • 5 Lektionen: Rabatt 10%
    nur noch CHF 224.00 
  • 10 Lektionen: Rabatt 20%
    nur noch CHF 399.00
  • 25 Lektionen: Rabatt 26%
    nur noch CHF 924.00
  • 50 Lektionen Rabatt 30%
    nur noch CHF 1’749.00
  • 100 Lektionen Rabatt 36%
    nur noch CHF 3’199.00

Our English teachers

homestudies teaching methodology

Learn more about the structure of homestudies lessons and how easy it is to improve your English skills via the Internet.

English over Skype

Skype English courses are professional, flexible and successful. Find out more about how lessons are structured via the Internet and what our recipe for success is.

What is Skype?

Learn more about Skype. Here you will find useful information on how to use and install Skype. As soon as you have installed Skype you can start with us.

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