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Spanish tutoring

homestudies also offers you individually designed Spanish tutoring for school classes.

  • Vocational school Spanish tuition (KV, apprenticeship, 10th grade, BMS)
  • Gymnasium/ Cantonal school Spanish tutoring
  • Spanish tuition for university, FH, MAS, etc.

The Spanish tutoring is designed to meet the individual needs of each student. From vocational school to university, we have the right teacher for everyone. Our teachers have extensive experience in Spanish tutoring.

Culture of the Spanish language

Our teachers are all native Spanish speaking teachers who have grown up in the culture of the language. This enables our teachers to teach Spanish language and culture especially to children. By understanding the culture, children usually learn much faster.

Spanish Trial Lesson

homestudies offers a free trial lesson for each  student. During this trial lesson, our teachers can get an accurate picture of the student and thus create a cutting and instructive tutoring plan. The student can get a good impression of the lessons via the internet.

Course schedule

Number of students: Private lessons
Course day: Monday – Sunday
Time: 08:00 – 24:00
Mon – Sun: Freely selectable
Duration: 45 minutes
Teaching material:  Free of charge
Course location: Freely selectable

Prices and Packages

  • 5 Lessons: Discount 28%
    only CHF 180.00
  • 10 Lessons: Discount 32%
    only CHF 340.00
  • 25 LessonsDiscount 36%
    only CHF 799.00
  • 50 Lessons: Discount 40%
    only CHF 1’499.00

Our prices and packages
1 Lesson CHF 50.00


Spanish Tutoring Spanish Tutoring Spanish Tutoring Spanish Tutoring Spanish Tutoring
5 Lessons 10 Lessons 25 Lessons 50 Lessons 100 Lessons
à 45 Min à 45 Min à 45 Min à 45 Min à 45 Min
CHF 250.00 CHF 500.00 CHF 1250.00 CHF 2500.00 5000.00
Discount 28% Discount 32% Discount 36% Discount 40% Discount 45%
CHF 180.00 CHF 340.00 CHF 799.00 CHF 1’499.00 CHF 2’750.00


Our Spanish teachers are all native speakers of Spanish and very experienced in teaching non-native speakers. With your personal homestudies Spanish teacher you will be able to learn Spanish quickly and easily. You will always have the same teacher throughout the course.

You will receive as many homework assignments as you wish from your teacher. On days off, you can send your texts for proofreading. The homework is compiled individually for you so that you can really make progress.
Recommended between 2-6 hours of homework per week.

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