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Dominic aus England

dominic online englisch lehrer – online englisch lernen – online englischkurs


About me
Dominic has helped students of all ages achieve their english learning goals. Students from all different backgrounds and language skills have enjoyed his personalised approach, helping them to develop an ease with the language and become fluent communicators.
As well as improving students’ english speaking skills, Dominic is an experienced English text editor and proof-reader. Using technology for improving his students’ language competence is important to him.


Dominic has completed the CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Cambridge University and is currently completing further studies in pedagogy and music. He has been teaching for many years and draws on a wide range of practical experience.


In lessons with his students, Dominic stresses the importance of being able to talk about and discuss a wide range of subjects. He also likes to go in depth into the most important areas for the students.

In his free time, Dominic likes to play and listen to music, dance salsa and go for walks.

I also speak German, Polish and some Italian.

England and America are two countries separated by a common language.

Gwen online Englischlehrerin - online englisch lernen mit gwen

Why am I teaching online? – I love to get to know new people from around the world and skype can do that unlike any other teaching technology. 

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Danke homestudies! Ich habe das First knapp bestanden. Habe nie gedacht, dass ich es bestehen werde. Eine Woche vor der Prüfung merkte ich, dass ich überhaupt nicht vorbereitet war und dann konnte ich 4h nach meinem Anruf mit einem Kurs starten. Einfach toll dieser Service.

Chantal aus Rapperswil

Ich bin sehr zufrieden bei homestudies mein Englisch aufzufrischen, und kann es jedem weiterempfehlen. Einfach genial via Skype mit deinem Privatlehrer/in zu kommunizieren und zu lernen.

Franziska aus Adliswil

Da ich angehende Lehrer bin, brauchte ich umbedingt das Proficiency. Es war sehr interessant und sehr hilfreich einen Privatlehrer übers Internet zu haben. Das Modell hat Zukunft.

Michael aus Zürich

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