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How does it work?

You can see how it works in just under three minutes. After these videos you know exactly how homestudies works. Watch these first two videos. Below you will find two more videos. If you have seen them all, you can sign up for a free trial lesson. (The videos are only available in German)

Native teachers

No travelling

Flexible lessons

Enormous learning success

Experience homestudies at first hand

Very simple. You can log in to Skype 5-10 minutes before the agreed time and date and your personal teacher will call you at the agreed time – your lesson will begin.

Teaching materials are available on an ongoing basis during the course via email or Skype. You only need your computer and a place where you can have an undisturbed, pleasant teaching atmosphere.

We offer you the possibility to test our lessons free of charge and without obligation!

How the teacher teaches with Skype

We adapt to your learning style!

Online lessons –  there are only advantages!

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Online Lessons

Training speaking and listening

Practice reading and writing

Highly qualified teachers

Easy collaboration

homestudies teaching methodology

Learn more about the structure of homestudies lessons and how easy it is to improve your Chinese skills via the Internet.

How does Skype work?

Language courses via Skype are professional, flexible and successful. Find out more about how lessons are structured via the Internet and what our recipe for success is.

What makes online language teaching so successful?

Our Skype lessons are basically private lessons with native speakers. You work with your teacher to determine your preferred timetable, and then you can concentrate fully on your lessons.

No person or thing will bother you– – no late classmates, no end of lesson bells, no noise. No classmate will interrupt you, the teacher only cares about you.

Skype teaching is purely concentration and focus.

You alone will receive the teacher’s full attention. The course programme is tailored to your priorities and needs.

This guarantees optimal learning success for you –  it is faster and more thorough than in any classic language school.


Faster and more thorough than in any classic language school.

The teachers have all the resources at their disposal via Skype for successful and professional language teaching. Your teacher will practice pronunciation, spelling, grammar and everything you want to learn. He will correct your homework and send you exercises and learning tools.

There are no restrictions compared to normal classroom instruction.

Everything goes much faster and more directly via Skype.

In the classical school, pupils and teachers sit in the same room, but are often far from each other in their thoughts.  The Contact between teacher and student via Skype is closer, even if your teacher is a few 100 or 1000 kilometers away from you!

Trial lesson - How does it work?

Test our lessons in a free and non-binding trial lesson and let yourself be inspired by homestudies.

Register today for your trial lesson – we look forward to seeing you!

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