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  • Flexible lesson times – also on weekends. You decide when your lessons take place. Our teachers will teach for you from Monday to Sunday from 08:00-22:00.
  • Start anytime – Register today for your free trial lesson and you can test our private lessons for free tomorrow.
  • Available 365 days a year – homestudies does not have any school holidays and lessons are also possible on weekends.  Of course, you can also have a holiday from your private lessons at any time.
  • Save time – you will make progress faster in private lessons than in a normal language course and you will not have to travel to the school.
  • Individual attention – Your teacher will concentrate fully on you and accompany you individually through the lessons.
  • Communicate instead of listen – In homestudies you speak 10 times more than in a group course with 10 students.
  • Constant feedback – You receive constant feedback from your teacher. This allows you to work much more efficiently on your weaknesses.

homestudies is the school with the extra personal touch

Exclusively one-to-one lessons, only you are the centre of attention.
We work on the same basis as everyone else and yet we are different.
Your course has a clear beginning and a clearly defined goal that we achieve together. Nevertheless, we are flexible about how the goal is achieved.
We do not have stories of students who do not finish their courses and there are no dull hours of sitting down, as in an ordinary classroom.
We cover everything that the CEF demands and that you will need later.
We don’t stick to the book, but bring you closer to the country, people and language as they really are.
Language learning with native speakers
Lessons at your convenience
No loss of time through travelling
Private lessons at fair prices
Making rapid progress
Custom-made for you

What makes online language teaching so successful?

Our Skype lessons are basically private lessons with native speakers. You work with your teacher to determine your preferred timetable, and then you can concentrate fully on your lessons.

No person or thing will bother you

No person or thing will bother you – no late classmates, no end of class bell, no noise. No classmate will interrupt you, the teacher only cares about you.

Skype teaching is purely concentration and focus.

You alone deserve the teacher’s full attention. The course programme is tailored to your priorities and needs.

This guarantees optimal learning success for you – faster and more thorough than in any classic language school.


Faster and more thorough than in any classic language school.

Trial lesson - How does it work?

Test our lessons in a free and non-binding trial lesson and let yourself be inspired by homestudies.

Register today for your trial lesson – we look forward to seeing you!

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