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Desiree aus Südafrika



Every new day is a blank page in our life's book that we can fill in any way we choose!

About me

lam South African born and educated.l loved growing up in the beauty and freedom of Africa,where on a Sunday we would
visit ADDO Elephant Park which was near our home. I am married to Peter,whose father was from Madeira and we have two
children… Natalia who lives and works in Krakow and Mathew who is in London.l have been living on a little farm with a vineyard,olive,Cork and fruit trees in rural Portugal (about t hours from Lisbon where I can get my museum and opera fix) for 10 years and am loving it… (History being my other discipline)… .the culture,history & friendliness of the Portuguese is wonderful.


On the skills front… how do you sum up the skills of 60 years of living!l definitely have people skills as have enjoyed being a teacher for 39 years and have really enjoyed it.l know I have the skill of encouraging people and focusing on positivity.
Language skills… mother tongue English,Afrikaans (South African Dutch based language),Portuguese (not fluently),a little German &ltalian.


1. Bachelors of Arts Degree – subjects-

English, History,Geography,AfrikaanslNederlands & Philosophy.

2. Higher Education Diploma – including English 1″1& 2nd Language.

3. Post-graduate Honours Degree.

4.Various (and many) teaching courses throughout my

career,including Cambridge Online Courses.


I have specialized in many different areas during my career

including ,

Cambridge exams… PET,FCE,CAE,CPE,IELTS and BEC.


Business English course and interview & presentation/round table preparation.

General English courses to all ages and at all levels. A & AS Level History and English.
IGCSE English and History.


I love travelling,photography and my garden.:)

There is something wonderfully fascinating about History & I really enjoy exploring historical sites… castles,palaces.old town squares & ar memorials,,,and so much more.To experience other cultures is so enriching.

I am passionate about nature…love the birds in my garden and the colours and fragrances of flowers.

C2: English (mother tongue)

B2: Portuguese, Africaans

Who you are is ls always enough


Why am I teaching online? – Well two reasons really… .firstly for practical reasons. I live far away from large urban areas so there are very few opportunities for work nearby. Secondly and more interestingly is because when I was given my first online job I loved it!! Meeting people from around the world with such ease through Skype…we are lucky to have a great lnternet connection here.

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Ich bin sehr zufrieden bei homestudies mein Englisch aufzufrischen, und kann es jedem weiterempfehlen. Einfach genial via Skype mit deinem Privatlehrer/in zu kommunizieren und zu lernen.

Franziska aus Adliswil

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  1. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mein Englisch bei homestudies zu verbessern.
    Desiree passt sich meinen Vorstellungen an und ich habe in kürzester Zeit schon Fortschritte gemacht und konnte das Gelernte bereits erfolgreich in meinem Berufsalltag umsetzen.
    Bin positiv überrascht das dies über Skype genau so super läuft, wie wenn diese Person vor einem steht.
    Daher bin ich gerne weiterhin dabei und empfehle es auch meinen Freunden weiter.

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