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John aus Irland



About me

I worked overseas for 18 years, covering an area from Cairo to Singapore and all Africa.  As a result, I understand the difficulties of various cultures when it comes to learning and speaking the English language.

I have now been teaching English online for over seven years, working with children in China and Vietnam and with adults from such countries as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Switzerland and even as far away as Bolivia.

I have helped students obtain the necessary IELTS qualifications to emigrate to English-speaking countries such as Australia, as well as others who wished to attend an English-speaking University.  Recently, I assisted a gentleman prepare and rehearse a speech he gave to 1,500 delegates at the European Union.

I currently live in Northern Ireland, part of the UK and use the latest, top-level technology to ensure students have every facility available to help them achieve their goals when learning English.

I am fortunate in that I have the ability and expertise to understand the challenges students often face when learning a new language.  It has been said that “patience is a virtue” and I have more than enough patience to spend whatever time is necessary to help students understand their errors and how to put them right.


I have the appropriate TEFL qualifications that enable me to teach English as a second language.


My speciality is the pronunciation of English, a highly essential aspect for those who use English as a second language.  Pronunciation can be challenging as there are various letters in our language that are not present in a student’s native language, such as TH, or are pronounced differently to English.

I primarily concentrate those senior, professional managers who require a good knowledge and expertise of both speaking and writing English.  Their aim is to be able to hold somewhat intense conversations when negotiating business in English-speaking countries, yet may also be required to give full, sometimes detailed presentations to prospective clients or at seminars.

I have a good track record with students aiming to pass either the IELTS or Cambridge Advanced exam.  At the time of writing, two of my students have successfully qualified to emigrate to Australia and work as Medical Doctors, with several others progressing towards their appropriate qualifications for University.

C2: Englisch (Mother tongue)

England and America are two countries separated by a common language.

John online englisch lernen - online englischkurs

Why am I teaching online? –

Around seven years ago, I decided I was going to learn a foreign language – Russian to be exact!  I joined a free website, but instead of learning even one word of Russian, I found myself helping other students with their English.  What’s more, I found that I truly was able to help people and that they could learn from me.

So, I formally qualified as a TEFL teacher, prepared my own easy to understand course material and seven years ago, secured my first student who lived in Russia.

I thoroughly enjoy my job, and I will do all I can to help you achieve your goals when it comes to speaking, reading, writing and listening to English.

Let me show you how easy it can be!

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«Der Englischkurs bei homestudies ist optimal für mich. Mit homestudies habe ich die Möglichkeit mich noch kurz vor meinen Geschäftsmeetings in Englisch mit meinen Englisch Lehrer vorzubereiten. Seitdem trete ich viel sicherer bei Geschäftsmeetings auf.»

Frank aus Zug

Der Englishkurs war sehr hilfreich, ich habe einen Vorkurs für das FCE gewählt für 2-3 Monate. Die Prüfung werde ich im September absolvieren, deshalb habe ich gleich einen weiteren kurs gebucht, da ich noch 2 Monate Zeit habe. Ich bin ausserordentlich begeistert von homestudies, da ich viel schneller und intensiver gelernt habe, dazu ist es sehr bequem zuhause einen Kurs zu machen. Empfehlen würde ich es jedem, der eine Sprache lernen möchte oder eine prüfung abschliesst.

Olivia aus Zürich

Mein English BEC Vantage war super. Wenn Fremdsprachen lernen oder sich für Diplome vorbereiten, dann nur noch mit homstudies. Flexibel und günstig was will man mehr. Herzlichen Dank für den tollen Service.

Nathalie aus Brittnau

Es macht wirklich grossen Spass! Man kann sich die Stunden gut organisieren und zwischendurch 1 Stunde English lernen! 😀 auch bequem zuhause...
Ich empfehle es jedem weiter! 🙂

Jasmin aus Zürich

Ich bin begeistert von homestudies. Als Mutter ist es für mich schwierig einen Kurs zu belegen, aber so geht es ganz einfach, ohne Babysitter. Jeweils Abends wenn meine Tochter schläft, habe ich meine private English Lesson und bereite mich so auf das Advanced Zertifikat vor. Ich kann es nur empfehlen.

Ursula aus Zürich

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