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The Biggest FCE Mistakes

The biggest FCE mistakes you can do

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The Biggest FCE Mistakes You Can Do

FCE is not an easy exam, but there are many things you can do to get the best result you deserve. You’ve already done something really positive to ensure you get the best possible result you deserve; by reading this article, you’ve started well. When you finish reading this article about FCE, you will be in an excellent position to participate in the exam, knowing what to do and what not to do.

So here is the list of some of the major FCE errors you can make and how to avoid them.

Not Fully Answering The FCE Question

Content points are crucial for the first past of the questions, so let’s look at it in more detail. (You will know that the FCE paper is divided into two parts, the first part and the second part, but what is the difference? So the first part is mandatory, so you have to answer all the question. In the second part you have to answer one out of the four questions provided).

The first part is what we call a „transactional“ letter, which means you are writing to get an answer from a target reader. If you are writing about something wrong, for instance, you are writing about a damaged computer and you probably forgot to ask for a refund, you probably will not get the answer you wanted (in which case you will not be paid your money back). In FCE Part 1, that means you will lose points. Only Cambridge examiners know how many points lost by ignoring one or more content point.

Forgetting to Plan Ahead

You are in the exam hall; you have read the questions and also knowing about how to check for content points. The pen is ready and you start writing your first response. STOP! Did you write a plan? No? Then write now! There are many ways to plan; map or list of minds are very popular, but it is important to know what to write and how to order them before you start writing the answer. (When you have completed your answer, simply cross through your plan to make the examiner not to be able to read it).

Taking Too Much Time to Answer Each FCE Question

Is it really charming, isn’t it, spending another five minutes on one of the questions to further enhance your answer? Unfortunately, the small difference that you make will have a much greater and negative impact on your score for the other questions. If you first do the first part, make sure you include all content points, then go to the other section after forty-five minutes. Five extra minutes will not greatly affect your score in the first part! In fact, for examiners, nothing is more disappointing than reading an excellent answer from the first part of the candidate and then finding a very short answer for the second part. (Remember that if you write less than 120 words in the second part, you will lose marks, so practice writing to the deadlines).

Not Having Time to Check Your FCE Answers

It is very important to take advantage of your time during the exam. Keep in mind that you only have 90 minutes for both questions! Good candidates reserves time to check (verify and proofread) their answers so that’s something you should do. Since you have forty-five minutes for each question, try to reserve at least five minutes to check.

Choosing The Wrong FCE Question

When you enter the exam hall, take a few minutes to read the two sections to select the best one carefully. For example, if you want to write reports and see one in the second part, make sure that is something you can write and that you have enough vocabulary. If you do not, leave it and choose another question. Believe me, it is tough to get good marks if you do not have enough vocabulary or enough ideas.

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